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eBay Link Year Coin Details Grade Sold For Date Sold
 photo s-l225_zps9ijj78bx.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS61 $62,500.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpspdmcr6om.jpg 1996 Silver American Eagle PCGS MS70 $15,885.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsy0fneicp.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof NGC PF70 UCAM $13,995.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpseqffpfdg.jpg 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64+ $12,950.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsxf2huhk0.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar PCGS XF40 $11,699.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsymvz5mba.jpg 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65 $10,950.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsfvtxct1u.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar NGC XF Details $9,950.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zps66s2uzzr.jpg 1886-P Morgan Silver Dollar Binion Collection NGC MS68 $9,500.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsyj3rmqnx.jpg 1894 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64 $9,449.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsrmhtolq2.jpg 1943-S Silver Nickel PCGS MS68FS $9,000.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsxf2huhk0.jpg 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof NGC PF66 $8,950.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsmwydjw3e.jpg 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar GSA Hoard NGC MS67 $8,850.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zps6t86zf6q.jpg 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Rim Damage PCGS Fine Details $7,800.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zps6jw1d6nd.jpg 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63 $7,500.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsetisbzpx.jpg 1898 Fengtein Silver Dollar China NGC AU55 $7,500.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpspcg2iucr.jpg 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS AU55 $7,099.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsnzbfkpjn.jpg 1917-S Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Dollar Full Head PCGS MS66FH $6,800.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsx8els5hb.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC VF35 $6,349.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zps7uuksg51.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PCGS PR69DCAM $6,250.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsuhkmlid0.jpg 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62 $6,149.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpskbxba7ap.jpg 1932 Chinese Silver Dollar China NGC MS62 $6,000.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsvtazihzy.jpg 1921 Peace Silver Dollar High Relief PCGS MS66 $5,979.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsmti8mbht.jpg 1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar PCGS VF35 $5,900.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsd1bhkhor.jpg 1907 Barber Silver Quarter Proof CAC Certified PCGS PR67 $5,850.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsc8pdxre4.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 2 Leaves BB-21 NGC VF20 $5,795.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpskvcgpsyx.jpg 1803 Draped Bust Silver Half Dime Large 8 PCGS XF40 $5,750.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpssnpydhqj.jpg 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar VAM-3 Capped CC NGC 62 $5,750.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsshxbgswb.jpg 1797 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 9x7 Stars Large Letters (CAC Certified) PCGS VF25 $5,749.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpseuytuk5p.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar L-551 NGC VF20 $5,695.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpswjxupgoc.jpg 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof PCGS PR64CAM $5,665.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zps2ilutdh1.jpg 1988 Silver American Eagle First Strike PCGS MS70 $5,655.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsiphbtvuu.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar CAC Certified PCGS VF25 $5,645.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpshwibg5al.jpg 1988 American Silver Eagle QA Certified PCGS MS70 $5,500.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsod8gasna.jpg 1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PQ Approved PCGS MS67 $5,450.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zps02vui1zw.jpg 2000 Silver American Eagle Millennium Set NGC MS70 $5,365.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zps5663901y.jpg 1901-S Silver Barber Quarter PCGS G06 $5,200.00 March 2017
eBay Link Year Coin Details Grade Sold For Date Sold

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