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Photo Year Coin Notes Grade Sold For Date Sold
 photo s-l225_zps9ijj78bx.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS61 $62,500.00 January 2017
 photo 1813503181998080_0_zpsfsndyjkw.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar MS-61 $62,500.00 December 2016
 photo 1421634994638080_0_zpswwhsyzuv.jpg 1895-P Silver Morgan Dollar NGC PF25 $37,999.00 November 2016
 photo 4010399461368080_0_zps8kmr18br.jpg 1889-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS62 PL $35,000.00 January 2016
 photo 1920042841248080_0_zps9xvsv2in.jpg 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS62 $22,500.00 November 2016
 photo 1317320157498080_0_zpslzsfzx1h.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PR70 DCAM $22,310.00 February 2016
 photo 1222257279348080_0_zpsqflkg9a8.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PF-70 Ultra Cameo $18,500.00 November 2016
 photo 2319128705908080_0_zps0tvgufw3.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PR70 $17,600.00 April 2016
 photo s-l225_zpspdmcr6om.jpg 1996 Silver American Eagle PCGS MS70 $15,885.00 January 2017
 photo 2016274124188080_0_zpsvcvziemi.jpg 1798 Large Eagle Wide Date CAC Certified AU55 $15,000.00 July 2016
 photo 2016616361488080_0_zpsvtlikd89.jpg 1893-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS64 $14,300.00 October 2016
 photo 3818315400328080_0_zpsjwyf4fmy.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof NGC PR70 $14,200.00 November 2016
 photo 3815327968858080_0_zpsf1gffsxi.jpg 1892-S Silver Morgan Dollar AU58 $14,000.00 January 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsy0fneicp.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof NGC PF70 UCAM $13,995.00 January 2017
 photo 3915456280388080_0_zpsvypgja2k.jpg 1884-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS61 $13,500.00 October 2016
 photo 1421832297278080_0_zpspkdvivy7.jpg 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter (Full Head) NGC MS62 $13,200.00 November 2016
 photo 2222979222328080_0_zpsmyme7a3g.jpg 1889-CC Silver Morgan Dollar AU55 $13,125.00 October 2016
 photo s-l225_zpseqffpfdg.jpg 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64+ $12,950.00 March 2017
 photo 3516895979648080_0_zpsrj4lb0i1.jpg 1921 Silver Morgan Dollar MS67 $12,580.00 May 2016
 photo 3318349053268080_0_zpshimtvmji.jpg 1999 Silver American Eagle NGC MS70 $12,077.00 October 2016
 photo 1714162492148080_0_zpszjk110sk.jpg 1895-S Silver Morgan Dollar CAC Certified MS64 $11,875.00 December 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsxf2huhk0.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar PCGS XF40 $11,699.00 February 2017
 photo 2014565114248080_0_zpseez4jzcc.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar XF45 $11,000.00 July 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsymvz5mba.jpg 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65 $10,950.00 March 2017
 photo 2017125579118080_0_zpsfk2kzrri.jpg 1901 Silver Morgan Dollar Proof PR66 CAM $10,300.00 November 2016
 photo 3117272124638080_0_zpswjmuecry.jpg 1903-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS65 $9,975.00 November 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsfvtxct1u.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar NGC XF Details $9,950.00 March 2017
 photo 2016779472298080_0_zpsmilneyyi.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar XF45 $9,680.00 October 2016
 photo s-l225_zps66s2uzzr.jpg 1886-P Morgan Silver Dollar Binion Collection NGC MS68 $9,500.00 March 2017
 photo 3618472034858080_0_zpsaqaqebdd.jpg 1891 Silver Morgan Dollar Proof CAC Certified PR66 CAM $9,500.00 December 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsyj3rmqnx.jpg 1894 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64 $9,449.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsrmhtolq2.jpg 1943-S Silver Nickel PCGS MS68FS $9,000.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsxf2huhk0.jpg 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof NGC PF66 $8,950.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsmwydjw3e.jpg 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar GSA Hoard NGC MS67 $8,850.00 February 2017
 photo 3818782309528080_0_zpselekiw3r.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar XF40 $8,500.00 December 2016
 photo s-l225_zps6t86zf6q.jpg 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Rim Damage PCGS Fine Details $7,800.00 January 2017
 photo 3916484400038080_0_zpshcx6yutr.jpg 1800 Silver Half Dime AU53 $7,777.00 December 2016
 photo 2822492836908080_0_zps5isxoqdb.jpg 1892-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS 65 $7,700.00 November 2016
 photo 3319789084628080_0_zpsvir8lu1r.jpg 1916 Silver Standing Liberty Quarter XF40 $7,551.00 September 2016
 photo s-l225_zps6jw1d6nd.jpg 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63 $7,500.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsetisbzpx.jpg 1898 Fengtein Silver Dollar China NGC AU55 $7,500.00 March 2017
 photo 2724427090538080_0_zpswu1m2hmr.jpg 1991 Silver American Eagle MS70 $7,500.00 November 2016
 photo s-l225_zpspcg2iucr.jpg 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS AU55 $7,099.00 February 2017
 photo 3717683325498080_0_zpsrwupwzng.jpg 1879-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS63 $6,950.00 November 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsnzbfkpjn.jpg 1917-S Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Dollar Full Head PCGS MS66FH $6,800.00 March 2017
 photo 2919392899118080_0_zpse5pe0vib.jpg 1895-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS63 $6,619.00 November 2016
 photo s-l225_zpsx8els5hb.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC VF35 $6,349.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zps7uuksg51.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PCGS PR69DCAM $6,250.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsuhkmlid0.jpg 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62 $6,149.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpskbxba7ap.jpg 1932 Chinese Silver Dollar China NGC MS62 $6,000.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsvtazihzy.jpg 1921 Peace Silver Dollar High Relief PCGS MS66 $5,979.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsmti8mbht.jpg 1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar PCGS VF35 $5,900.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsd1bhkhor.jpg 1907 Barber Silver Quarter Proof CAC Certified PCGS PR67 $5,850.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsc8pdxre4.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 2 Leaves BB-21 NGC VF20 $5,795.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpskvcgpsyx.jpg 1803 Draped Bust Silver Half Dime Large 8 PCGS XF40 $5,750.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpssnpydhqj.jpg 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar VAM-3 Capped CC NGC 62 $5,750.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsshxbgswb.jpg 1797 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 9x7 Stars Large Letters (CAC Certified) PCGS VF25 $5,749.00 February 2017
 photo 2724711518878080_0_zpsmvibrhdj.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar VF35 $5,700.00 December 2016
 photo s-l225_zpseuytuk5p.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar L-551 NGC VF20 $5,695.00 February 2017
 photo s-l225_zpswjxupgoc.jpg 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof PCGS PR64CAM $5,665.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zps2ilutdh1.jpg 1988 Silver American Eagle First Strike PCGS MS70 $5,655.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsiphbtvuu.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar CAC Certified PCGS VF25 $5,645.00 January 2017
 photo 4012437979058080_0_zpsk5wyvmkk.jpg 1889-CC Silver Morgan Dollar NGC AU53 $5,600.00 December 2016
 photo s-l225_zpshwibg5al.jpg 1988 American Silver Eagle QA Certified PCGS MS70 $5,500.00 March 2017
 photo s-l225_zpsod8gasna.jpg 1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PQ Approved PCGS MS67 $5,450.00 January 2017
 photo s-l225_zps02vui1zw.jpg 2000 Silver American Eagle Millennium Set NGC MS70 $5,365.00 January 2017
 photo 3319969873718080_0_zps03jl79fr.jpg 1881-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS68 $5,349.00 October 2016
 photo 2223122322808080_0_zpsfdbchb0y.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar AU58 $5,250.00 December 2016
 photo s-l225_zps5663901y.jpg 1901-S Silver Barber Quarter PCGS G06 $5,200.00 March 2017
 photo 1221715642348080_0_zpsvmqpqxfl.jpg 1997 Silver American Eagle MS70 $5,200.00 December 2016
 photo 3717953571228080_0_zpshdrowmya.jpg 1890-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS65 $5,200.00 November 2016
Photo Year Coin Notes Grade Sold For Date Sold

All silver coins have value tied to the price of the metal. However, most have collector value that is often tied to rarity and condition of the coin. This list tracks the most valuable silver coins that have sold online over the past few years.

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