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eBay Link Year Coin Face Value Grade Value
 photo 2016016490368080_0_zps5zdrkxbl.jpg 1932 Gold St. Gaudens $20.00 MS66 $155,000.00
 photo 1722124750398080_0_zpsqrwqhqrh.jpg 1915-S Gold Pan Pac Octagonal $50.00 MS63 $82,500.00
 photo 2016016490368080_0_zps5zdrkxbl.jpg 1931 Gold St. Gaudens $20.00 MS64 $76,000.00
 photo 2016016490368080_0_zps5zdrkxbl.jpg 1920-S Gold St. Gaudens $20.00 MS63 $75,000.00
 photo 1918874105938080_0_zpsfevttgbj.jpg 1907 Gold High Relief Wire Edge $20.00 MS66 $68,000.00
 Gold Coin ec4a45d6-fb88-4ed8-9c25-730cc145264a_zps1ldp3avj.jpg 1910-D $10 Indian Head Finest Condition Known PCGS MS67 $63,840.00
 photo s-l225_zps9ijj78bx.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS61 $62,500.00
 photo 1813503181998080_0_zpsfsndyjkw.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar MS-61 $62,500.00
 photo 1919931475358080_0_zpsogpryofp.jpg 1915-S Gold Pan Pac Octagonal $50.00 AU53 $59,500.00
 photo 3716924915678080_0_zps00ogyswr.jpg 1793 Large Cent Strong Chain VF35 $44,500.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpshtdotiig.jpg 1911 Great Britain 5 Sovereign Proof NGC PF66 Cameo $41,120.00
 photo 1421634994638080_0_zpswwhsyzuv.jpg 1895-P Silver Morgan Dollar NGC PF25 $37,999.00
 photo s-l225_zpsefrtzanl.jpg 1793 1/2 Cent Rotated Reverse NGC AU58 BN $37,500.00
 photo 3116872721538080_0_zpsnctn1xm2.jpg 1851 Gold Humbert 880 Thous $50.00 XF40 $35,000.00
 photo 4010399461368080_0_zps8kmr18br.jpg 1889-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS62 PL $35,000.00
 photo 2622544317998080_0_zpsqkfupxfp.jpg 1916-S Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS67 $33,390.00
 photo 1917625507738080_0_zps0gozvg8l.jpg 1907 Gold High Relief Wire Edge $20.00 MS64+ $28,000.00
 photo 1417834559028080_0_zpsgkhxll90.jpg 1922 Gold Certificate $20.00 68 PPQ $25,000.00
 photo 1920107926268080_0_zpszobwhgsy.jpg 1907 Gold High Relief Flat Edge $20.00 MS63 $23,750.00
 photo 1918240239088080_0_zpscqgluk6o.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Cent Proof PR 64 $22,950.00
 photo 2627504525298080_0_zpsh4vpnlnn.jpg 1969-S Lincoln Cent Double Die Obverse (DDO) AU58 $22,600.00
 photo 1920042841248080_0_zps9xvsv2in.jpg 1921-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar MS62 $22,500.00
 photo 1317320157498080_0_zpslzsfzx1h.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PR70 DCAM $22,310.00
 photo 2525726595328080_0_zps1wpvjg2b.jpg 1796 Liberty Cap Large Cent R-3 / S-87 AU55 (CAC) $22,000.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsuawn6tgq.jpg 1909-O $5 Indian Head NGC AU58 $21,000.00
 photo 3019375764898080_0_zpsumowkzbo.jpg 1886 Flying Eagle Cent CAC & Photo Seal PR64 $20,000.00
 photo 3815508757698080_0_zps7ntqddts.jpg 1926-S Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS64+ $19,750.00
 photo 2724124024738080_0_zpsexd2tbiu.jpg 1907 Gold Indian Head $10.00 MS66+ $19,750.00
 photo 1621708093158080_0_zpsynqxqyg3.jpg 1889 Gold Liberty Double Eagle Proof $20.00 NGC PF55 $19,000.00
 photo 2917091417828080_0_zpsoqjqknhz.jpg 1851-O Gold Liberty Double Eagle $20.00 AU58 $19,000.00
 photo 1222257279348080_0_zpsqflkg9a8.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PF-70 Ultra Cameo $18,500.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsialrpgf6.jpg 1995 50 Yuan Panda Small Date PCGS MS69 $17,999.00
 photo 2724299051858080_0_zpsdla93cez.jpg 1909-S Lincoln Cent VDB MS66+ Red $17,950.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zps1gwuckgr.jpg 1995 50 Yuan Panda Small Date NGC MS68 $17,900.00
 photo 2319128705908080_0_zps0tvgufw3.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PR70 $17,600.00
 photo 2618776067488080_0_zpswl9imtos.jpg 1796 Draped Bust Large Cent S-119 / R-3 MS62 BN $17,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpsj7hripai.jpg 1804 Large Cent Smoothed PCGS AU Details $17,000.00
 photo 2625359835718080_0_zps4peodtxt.jpg 1802 Draped Bust Large Cent S-225 / R-3 MS64 $16,950.00
 photo s-l225_zpsvmzzi01r.jpg 1877 Indian Head CAC Certified PCGS MS65 RB $16,200.00
 photo 2016563360438080_0_zpsmhigvxp9.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Cent Proof w/Photo Seal PR62 $16,000.00
 photo 1818285734308080_0_zpsdrsolunw.jpg 1954 Lincoln Cent Proof PR68 DCAM $15,900.00
 photo s-l225_zpspdmcr6om.jpg 1996 Silver American Eagle PCGS MS70 $15,885.00
 photo 3517517545478080_0_zpsamkpg4h3.jpg 1936-D Buffalo Nickel 3.5 Legs $0.05 AU50 (CAC) $15,500.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpstkkbl9wq.jpg 1911-D $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle NGC MS64 $15,500.00
 photo s-l225_zpsbgxggnjy.jpg 1874 Indian Head Photo Seal Certified PCGS MS66 RD $15,370.00
 photo 2016274124188080_0_zpsvcvziemi.jpg 1798 Large Eagle Wide Date CAC Certified AU55 $15,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpsjbzewopn.jpg 1793 S-13 / R-4 Large Cent PCGS F Details $15,000.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsyt0yzsod.jpg 1865 $20 Liberty Eagle Included Wood Case NGC MS62 $14,750.00
 photo 3318783673588080_0_zpsfyuizzca.jpg 1926-D Gold St. Gaudens $20.00 MS62 (CAC) $14,666.00
 photo 4011895669438080_0_zpsqkgil08q.jpg 2009 Gold Double Eagle High Relief $20.00 MS70 PL $14,622.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsxajnyu5d.jpg 1799 $10 Capped Bust Eagle Large Stars Obverse PCGS VF35 $14,500.00
 photo 2016616361488080_0_zpsvtlikd89.jpg 1893-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS64 $14,300.00
 photo 3818315400328080_0_zpsjwyf4fmy.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof NGC PR70 $14,200.00
 photo 1723563855468080_0_zpstxjryern.jpg 1877 Indian Head Cent CAC MS65 RB $14,100.00
 photo 3815327968858080_0_zpsf1gffsxi.jpg 1892-S Silver Morgan Dollar AU58 $14,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpsy0fneicp.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof NGC PF70 UCAM $13,995.00
 photo 3018851861798080_0_zps7th1vtec.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Cent Proof w/Photo Seal PR62 $13,900.00
 photo 1120166944668080_0_zpsd2wyfwcb.jpg 1882-CC Gold Liberty Half Eagle $5.00 MS62 $13,622.00
 photo 3915456280388080_0_zpsvypgja2k.jpg 1884-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS61 $13,500.00
 photo s-l1600_zpso12umaiu.jpg 1859/1859 Snow 1 Photo Seal Certified NCGS MS65 $13,250.00
 photo 2220831347608080_0_zpsrzmsvw9i.jpg 1857-S Gold Liberty Double Eagle (Type 1) $20.00 MS65 $13,249.00
 photo 1421832297278080_0_zpspkdvivy7.jpg 1916 Standing Liberty Quarter (Full Head) NGC MS62 $13,200.00
 photo 2222979222328080_0_zpsmyme7a3g.jpg 1889-CC Silver Morgan Dollar AU55 $13,125.00
 photo 2016883482978080_0_zpseaoxjghn.jpg 1876-CC Gold Liberty Double Eagle $20.00 MS60 $13,000.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsmqdtiodg.jpg 1858 Flying Eagle Proof Small Letters CAC Certified PCGS PR64 $13,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpseqffpfdg.jpg 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64+ $12,950.00
 photo 1920160314288080_0_zpsnkaa6jzo.jpg 1907 Gold High Relief Wire Edge $20.00 UNC Details $12,650.00
 photo 3516895979648080_0_zpsrj4lb0i1.jpg 1921 Silver Morgan Dollar MS67 $12,580.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpskwszryht.jpg 1859 $20 Double Eagle PCGS AU53 $12,300.00
 photo 3318349053268080_0_zpshimtvmji.jpg 1999 Silver American Eagle NGC MS70 $12,077.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsce8fat66.jpg 1857-S $20 Double Eagle Shipwreck Recovered SS Central America PCGS MS65 $12,000.00
 photo 1714162492148080_0_zpszjk110sk.jpg 1895-S Silver Morgan Dollar CAC Certified MS64 $11,875.00
 photo s-l225_zpstmgkivxu.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Proof PCGS PR45 $11,750.00
 photo s-l225_zpsxf2huhk0.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar PCGS XF40 $11,699.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsygxwhdvs.jpg 1907 $20 St. Gaudens High Relief PCGS AU55 $11,000.00
 photo 2014565114248080_0_zpseez4jzcc.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar XF45 $11,000.00
 photo 3614129292108080_0_zpsokimxpx2.jpg 1943-D Lincoln Cent Steel Genuine $10,999.00
 photo s-l225_zpss10cxbaq.jpg 1859 Indian Head Type 1 NGC MS66 $10,995.00
 photo 3116965812238080_0_zpsytdiihny.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Cent Proof PR55 $10,975.00
 photo s-l225_zpsymvz5mba.jpg 1903-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS65 $10,950.00
 photo 2525203880738080_0_zpsnxp3pctn.jpg 1973-D Lincoln Cent Struck On Clad Quarter AU55 $10,800.00
 photo 1821194926358080_0_zpsn70trwxw.jpg 1955/55 Lincoln Cent Double Die Obverse (DDO) MS64 RD $10,800.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsfmp6pvzp.jpg 1914-D $10 Indian Head NGC MS65 $10,500.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsbght7xsg.jpg 1913 $10 Indian Head PCGS MS66 $10,450.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsfnewqyyd.jpg 1998 50 Yuan Panda Large Date NGC MS69 $10,388.00
 photo 2017125579118080_0_zpsfk2kzrri.jpg 1901 Silver Morgan Dollar Proof PR66 CAM $10,300.00
 photo 3914646493948080_0_zpswimei802.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Cent VF Details $10,250.00
 photo s-l225_zpsymhihyvs.jpg 1909-S Indian Head PCGS MS66 RD $10,245.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpssfjtbdx6.jpg 1911-D $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle Strong D PCGS MS63 $10,100.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zps5ecgzupp.jpg 1990-P $25 Gold Eagle Proof NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo $10,000.00
 photo 2625820380728080_0_zpsbbwsqu71.jpg 1799 Draped Bust Large Cent S-189 / R-2 VF Details $10,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpsiqgmf5ux.jpg 1794 Large Cent Head of 1794 PCGS AU50 $10,000.00
 photo 3117272124638080_0_zpswjmuecry.jpg 1903-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS65 $9,975.00
 photo s-l225_zpsfvtxct1u.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar NGC XF Details $9,950.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsfbkrncl6.jpg 1997 $10 Gold Eagle NGC MS70 $9,925.00
 photo 3018913756148080_0_zpspeg1fqex.jpg 1944 Lincoln Cent MS68 RD $9,800.00
 photo 2016779472298080_0_zpsmilneyyi.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar XF45 $9,680.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsg5bwedhx.jpg 1911-D $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle NGC MS61 $9,500.00
 photo s-l225_zps66s2uzzr.jpg 1886-P Morgan Silver Dollar Binion Collection NGC MS68 $9,500.00
 photo 3618472034858080_0_zpsaqaqebdd.jpg 1891 Silver Morgan Dollar Proof CAC Certified PR66 CAM $9,500.00
 photo s-l225_zpsyj3rmqnx.jpg 1894 Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS64 $9,449.00
 photo 3019913614568080_0_zps2xkl66dl.jpg 1909-S Lincoln Cent VDB MS66 RD $9,379.00
 photo 3019623560058080_0_zps5xhbjp8g.jpg 1856 Flying Eagle Cent F15 $9,100.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zps4zgbwzd8.jpg 1911-D $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle Strong D PCGS MS62 $9,000.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsozoaagkm.jpg 1884-CC $20 Liberty Eagle PCGS AU58 $9,000.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsowmbsyrn.jpg 1907 $20 Gold Eagle High Relief Wire Rim NGC XF40 $9,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpsrmhtolq2.jpg 1943-S Silver Nickel PCGS MS68FS $9,000.00
 photo 3018975957578080_0_zpspk0gockv.jpg 1950 Lincoln Cent Proof PR66+ DCAM $8,995.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zps4bpm4y5w.jpg 1878-CC $20 Liberty Eagle Old Green Holder PCGS XF40 $8,950.00
 photo s-l225_zpsxf2huhk0.jpg 1900 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof NGC PF66 $8,950.00
 photo s-l225_zpstsaewgaa.jpg 1955 Lincoln Cent Double Die Obverse PCGS MS64RD $8,900.00
 photo s-l225_zpsmwydjw3e.jpg 1883-CC Morgan Silver Dollar GSA Hoard NGC MS67 $8,850.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsok1wnssl.jpg 1926-S $20 St. Gaudens PQ Approved PCGS MS64 $8,849.00
 photo 1221305707898080_0_zpsmqrb6e8s.jpg 1909-S Lincoln Cent VDB MS66 RD $8,750.00
 photo 3818782309528080_0_zpselekiw3r.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar XF40 $8,500.00
 photo 3018143179708080_0_zpsredovcui.jpg 1955/55 Lincoln Cent Double Die Obverse (DDO) MS64 RD $8,500.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsh1gfxmxf.jpg 1793 Chain Large Cent S-2 / B-2 Damage PCGS Genuine $8,500.00
 photo 3018690941448080_0_zpsfbpqvhqc.jpg 1909-S Lincoln Cent VDB / CAC MS65+ RD $8,480.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsfktecxvw.jpg 1869-S $5 Half Eagle CAC Certified PCGS AU55 $8,030.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zps36spwo5u.jpg 1907 $20 Gold Eagle High Relief Wire Rim NGC XF40 $8,000.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpspwliaxa4.jpg 1899 $20 Liberty Eagle PCGS MS65 $7,950.00
 photo 3017508662478080_0_zpsjdzxbpne.jpg 1864 Indian Head Cent L On Ribbon MS65 RD $7,950.00
 photo 3021478677338080_0_zpsufgutgu0.jpg 1955 Lincoln Cent Proof PR69 $7,900.00
 photo 4010169672128080_0_zpsfbnj4son.jpg 1918/7-D FS-101 Overdate Error $0.05 NGC XF45 $7,895.00
 photo s-l225_zpsbodb4uus.jpg 1826/5 Half Cent PCGS MS62 BN $7,877.00
 photo s-l225_zps6t86zf6q.jpg 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar Rim Damage PCGS Fine Details $7,800.00
 photo 2818984617698080_0_zps46ntyll2.jpg 1885 Indian Head Cent Proof NGC PR68 RB $7,800.00
 photo 3916484400038080_0_zpshcx6yutr.jpg 1800 Silver Half Dime AU53 $7,777.00
 photo s-l225_zpspbcqdsqh.jpg 1833 Half Cent Proof PCGS PR64 BN $7,750.00
 photo 2822492836908080_0_zps5isxoqdb.jpg 1892-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS 65 $7,700.00
 photo 2916475953348080_0_zpsbti31mw9.jpg 1909 Lincoln Cent MS67 RD $7,695.00
 photo s-l225_zpsfoobwksl.jpg 1909 Lincoln Cent Proof PCGS PR66+ RD $7,685.00
 photo 3319789084628080_0_zpsvir8lu1r.jpg 1916 Silver Standing Liberty Quarter XF40 $7,551.00
 photo s-l225_zps6jw1d6nd.jpg 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS63 $7,500.00
 photo s-l225_zpsetisbzpx.jpg 1898 Fengtein Silver Dollar China NGC AU55 $7,500.00
 photo 2724427090538080_0_zpswu1m2hmr.jpg 1991 Silver American Eagle MS70 $7,500.00
 photo 2817656140878080_0_zpsclo2wf1a.jpg 1943 Lincoln Cent Struck On Silver AU55 $7,500.00
 photo 3018198982748080_0_zpsennakyvw.jpg 1912-D Lincoln Cent MS66 RD $7,500.00
 Gold Coin s-l225_zpsi5kuta4b.jpg 1955 Lincoln Cent DDO Double Die Obverse PCGS MS64RD $7,500.00
 photo 2524603633328080_0_zpsyk5jf3sx.jpg 1900 Indian Head Cent Type 3 Bronze MS67 RD $7,350.00
 photo 2524603633328080_0_zpsjvcq7urz.jpg 1900 Indian Head Cent Type 3 Bronze MS67 RD $7,350.00
 photo s-l225_zps3bwwrqfc.jpg 1820 Large Date CAC Certified PCGS MS66 RB $7,208.00
 photo 1419338565718080_0_zpspzxujspl.jpg 1863 Indian Head Cent Proof NGC PR66 $7,100.00
 photo s-l225_zpspcg2iucr.jpg 1889-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS AU55 $7,099.00
 photo s-l225_zpsmxbz7cuw.jpg 1912 Lincoln Cent Matte Proof CAC Certified PCGS PR65 RD $6,999.00
 photo 3717683325498080_0_zpsrwupwzng.jpg 1879-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS63 $6,950.00
 photo 3914383935448080_0_zps5hbbqnki.jpg 1803 Draped Bust Large Cent S-258 Small Date MS63 BN $6,950.00
 photo 2015058229188080_0_zpspdoqur06.jpg 1873 Indian Head Cent FS-101 / S-1 MS62 BN $6,950.00
 photo s-l225_zpsnzbfkpjn.jpg 1917-S Standing Liberty Silver Quarter Dollar Full Head PCGS MS66FH $6,800.00
 photo 3115741314198080_0_zpswbuh7ant.jpg 1937-D Buffalo Nickel 3 Legs $0.05 NGC MS64+ $6,700.00
 photo 2919392899118080_0_zpse5pe0vib.jpg 1895-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS63 $6,619.00
 photo 3914383935448080_0_zpsnjsvasw1.jpg 1803 Draped Bust Large Cent S-258 Small Date MS63 BN $6,566.00
 photo 3020911818198080_0_zpsrzg3ei40.jpg 1990 Lincoln Cent Proof NGC PF69 RD $6,500.00
 photo 4010453702628080_0_zpsxzrkymod.jpg 1902 Indian Head Cent NGC MS67 RD $6,399.00
 photo s-l225_zpsx8els5hb.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC VF35 $6,349.00
 photo s-l225_zps7uuksg51.jpg 1995-W Silver American Eagle Proof PCGS PR69DCAM $6,250.00
 photo s-l225_zpsuhkmlid0.jpg 1893-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS MS62 $6,149.00
 photo s-l225_zpsujo6cwgs.jpg 1926-S Lincoln Cent PCGS MS64RD $6,138.00
 photo s-l225_zpskbxba7ap.jpg 1932 Chinese Silver Dollar China NGC MS62 $6,000.00
 photo 3018375749328080_0_zpsbh2jyvb3.jpg 1978 Lincoln Cent MS68 RD $6,000.00
 photo s-l225_zpsvtazihzy.jpg 1921 Peace Silver Dollar High Relief PCGS MS66 $5,979.00
 photo 1919482328358080_0_zpselzsjvpw.jpg 1912-S Liberty Nickel $0.05 MS66 $5,900.00
 photo s-l225_zpsmti8mbht.jpg 1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar PCGS VF35 $5,900.00
 photo s-l225_zpsd1bhkhor.jpg 1907 Barber Silver Quarter Proof CAC Certified PCGS PR67 $5,850.00
 photo s-l225_zpsc8pdxre4.jpg 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 2 Leaves BB-21 NGC VF20 $5,795.00
 photo s-l225_zpskvcgpsyx.jpg 1803 Draped Bust Silver Half Dime Large 8 PCGS XF40 $5,750.00
 photo s-l225_zpssnpydhqj.jpg 1879-CC Morgan Silver Dollar VAM-3 Capped CC NGC 62 $5,750.00
 photo s-l225_zpsshxbgswb.jpg 1797 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 9x7 Stars Large Letters (CAC Certified) PCGS VF25 $5,749.00
 photo 2724711518878080_0_zpsmvibrhdj.jpg 1893-S Silver Morgan Dollar VF35 $5,700.00
 photo s-l225_zpseuytuk5p.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar L-551 NGC VF20 $5,695.00
 photo s-l225_zpswjxupgoc.jpg 1879 Morgan Silver Dollar Proof PCGS PR64CAM $5,665.00
 photo s-l225_zps2ilutdh1.jpg 1988 Silver American Eagle First Strike PCGS MS70 $5,655.00
 photo s-l225_zpsiphbtvuu.jpg 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar CAC Certified PCGS VF25 $5,645.00
 photo 4012437979058080_0_zpsk5wyvmkk.jpg 1889-CC Silver Morgan Dollar NGC AU53 $5,600.00
 photo 3018660382718080_0_zps5ee3fpne.jpg 1924-D Buffalo Nickel $0.05 NGC MS65+ $5,500.00
 photo s-l225_zpshwibg5al.jpg 1988 American Silver Eagle QA Certified PCGS MS70 $5,500.00
 photo s-l225_zpsod8gasna.jpg 1881-CC Morgan Silver Dollar PQ Approved PCGS MS67 $5,450.00
 photo s-l225_zps02vui1zw.jpg 2000 Silver American Eagle Millennium Set NGC MS70 $5,365.00
 photo 3319969873718080_0_zps03jl79fr.jpg 1881-S Silver Morgan Dollar MS68 $5,349.00
 photo 1519481174538080_0_zpszyrn5gjw.jpg 1914 Buffalo Nickel Proof $0.05 PR67 $5,313.00
 photo 2223122322808080_0_zpsfdbchb0y.jpg 1895-O Silver Morgan Dollar AU58 $5,250.00
 photo s-l225_zps5663901y.jpg 1901-S Silver Barber Quarter PCGS G06 $5,200.00
 photo 1221715642348080_0_zpsvmqpqxfl.jpg 1997 Silver American Eagle MS70 $5,200.00
 photo 3717953571228080_0_zpshdrowmya.jpg 1890-CC Silver Morgan Dollar MS65 $5,200.00
 photo 1122186042268080_0_zpsisewwnsa.jpg 1942-D Horizontal D $0.05 MS65 $4,950.00
 photo 2916949080668080_0_zpsnbow4ylh.jpg 1886 Liberty Nickel $0.05 MS65 $4,800.00
 photo 2017540965678080_0_zpsk6cb4ik9.jpg 1916 Double Die Obverse (DDO) $0.05 VG10 $4,777.00
 photo 1823422905398080_0_zpslc3yfhb5.jpg 1921-S Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS64 $4,500.00
 photo 3018660382678080_0_zpsabxumow8.jpg 1913 Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS67 $4,400.00
 photo 3116426078138080_0_zpsw17ijgjk.jpg 1937-D Buffalo Nickel 3 Legs $0.05 MS63 $4,100.00
 photo 1622297516188080_0_zpsb6dzrixf.jpg 1913-S Type 2 $0.05 MS66 $3,850.00
 photo 1421035289968080_0_zpsanzfistm.jpg 1918/7-D Buffalo Nickel $0.05 VF35 $3,805.00
 photo 2220981900908080_0_zpsfaktx5yl.jpg 1937-D Buffalo Nickel 3 Legs $0.05 MS63 $3,800.00
 photo 2625995898558080_0_zps5roqysuz.jpg 1958 Jefferson Nickel Proof $0.05 NGC PF68 $3,779.00
 photo 3516405904308080_0_zpsgajgkyef.jpg 1880 Shield Nickel Proof $0.05 PR65+ UCAM $3,750.00
 photo 2524024993228080_0_zpszsh7dmlv.jpg 1942 Jefferson Nickel On Cent Planchet $0.05 MS62 RB $3,750.00
 photo 1220426586678080_0_zpsvceuxwry.jpg 1877 Shield Nickel Proof $0.05 PR65 CAM $3,650.00
 photo 1918379360498080_0_zpsloeutnus.jpg 1927-S Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS64 (CAC) $3,625.00
 photo 1723146386548080_0_zpsr5qc11m1.jpg 1937-D Buffalo Nickel 3 Legs $0.05 MS63+ (CAC) $3,605.00
 photo 3018923235568080_0_zpsx9sddkyw.jpg 1912-D Liberty Nickel $0.05 MS66 $3,500.00
 photo 1220179417898080_0_zps4qlydr8d.jpg 1938-D Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS68 $3,500.00
 photo 2916821889628080_0_zpsqze7lj6u.jpg 1875 Shield Nickel $0.05 MS66 $3,495.00
 photo 1619535608488080_0_zps9kxjz4ny.jpg 1885 Liberty Nickel $0.05 MS63 $3,350.00
 photo 2917568644198080_0_zpsxo66hfmj.jpg 1918-S Buffalo Nickel $0.05 MS64 $3,300.00
 photo 1315341062978080_0_zpsjfuucjev.jpg 1936 Buffalo Nickel Proof $0.05 PR67 $3,195.00
 photo 1418581719218080_0_zps70qwqkrr.jpg 1912-S Liberty Nickel $0.05 MS65 $3,100.00
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